The Extreme Cycling Race DOS Extreme 2015 successfully ridden twice with Slovenian wooden bicycles

For the first time in the history of DOS, a bicycle race around Slovenia, has a club registered two competitors in the solo category. For the first time in the history of DOS has anyone competed with a wooden bicycle. That club was ŠD Furmani from Logatec, with their cyclists Uroš Šemrov and Boris Meze, both on wooden bicycles made out of birch wood by Gašper Caufuta, Ph.D. The frame of the bicycle weighs only 1650 g, or 1900 g (depending on the size) and is therefore probably the lightest wooden bicycle in the world. 

Lumar, a leading Slovenian manufacturer of low-energy and passive prefabricated buildings, present in Slovenia and abroad with its innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, immediately felt a connection to their story. Thus, Uroš Šemrov and Boris Meze, each with their own team, formed the Lumar Team, and both successfully finished the 1250 km race. Uroš Šemrov won 16th place, with a time of 65 hours, 13 minutes, and 26 seconds (and 5th place at Robičev Cup ascent to Vršič), and Boris won 17th place with a time of 66 hours, 19 minutes, and 57 seconds. Gašper Cafuta’s wooden bicycle garnered a lot of interest, as the two cyclists proved that it is completely competitive with bicycles made of carbon fiber. The bicycle will soon be available to a wider audience as well.