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Wooden bicycles Spring are the result of great technical knowledge, designed with computer software for simulations, to get the optimal weight-to-stiffness (performance) ratio of the bicycle. They are made out of birch wood, as this allows for the best weight-to-stiffness ratio. The frame weighs less than 2 kg, depending on the size of the frame (available in sizes S, M, or L, or custom sizes). All Spring products are made with Slovenian wood, which makes them environmentally friendly, and means we can take advantage of the natural potential offered by our local environment.

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The bicycle was first tested in the extreme bicycle race around Slovenia in 2015 (DOS-RAS EXTREME). Uroš Šemrov and Boris Meze each raced with their bicycles in the solo category. This year, Uroš Šemrov will participate in DOS again, this time in a duo, riding the wooden bicycle again. The bicycle will also be put to test in the toughest extreme bicycle race in the world – a race across the USA (RAAM 2017). Uroš Stoklas, a professional bowler from Zagorje, will ride the bicycle. To prove that our road bicycle can withstand anything, Robert Stranjak will ride it in the Ironman in Hamburg this year.

There are three Spring bicycle models on the market at this time – a road bicycle, a city bicycle with a single gear, and an electric bicycle. A mountain bicycle is currently being made and is expected to be available to purchase in the spring of 2018. We also designed wooden cross skates, made out of birch wood as well, which are now being tested, and will be available to purchase in the fall of 2017. This is our story so far.

If you are interested in testing a bicycle or skates, you can reach us at info@spring-sport.si or use the contact form on our Contact page.

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